Lakenheath Royal British Legion Club closes

By Antony Antorkas

Parker Andrews has been appointed as Liquidator to deal with the winding up of the affairs of Lakenheath Village Hall Club Limited, formerly Lakenheath Royal British Legion, which has closed its doors for the last time after having its backing revoked from the UK’s service and ex-service personnel charity.

Membership had declined over recent years and the club had sought to diversify its income to providing out its club house to other local sports clubs and societies. During 2012 the national Royal British Legion (RBL) organisation reviewed its membership fees, resulting in a forced increase to members. In late 2012, due to a reorganisation of the RBL, the club had its association with the RBL revoked that triggered an increase in its property rent costs, which had been subsidised by the RBL.

The club, originally formed in 1949 and formally registered by the Financial Conduct Authority as a mutual society in 1959, had more than 300 members prior to the break from the RBL. The loss of the club will result in a number of sports clubs and groups having to find alternative premises. The former chairman and treasurer of the club are assisting with the winding down of the club.

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