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Complex Cases

At Parker Andrews, we specialise in managing complex insolvency cases, fully recognising that no two situations are identical. Our experienced team has assisted thousands of directors and shareholders across various industries, and we are equipped to develop strategies tailored to even the most intricate cases.

Handling Insolvency on a Larger Scale

The scale of bad debt and the number of creditors can significantly influence the complexity of insolvency cases. We have experience in handling situations where businesses face substantial debts, sometimes exceeding hundreds of thousands of pounds, leading to severe cash flow and profitability issues.

Our approach involves

Legal and tax implications are critical considerations in business insolvency. Whether it involves liquidating a business, transferring ownership, or striking off a company, legal hurdles can often complicate proceedings. We have the expertise to navigate these complexities confidently, ensuring compliance and minimising risks.

How does Parker Andrews approach complex insolvency cases?

We employ a detailed, thorough approach, considering each unique aspect of the case to develop a tailored strategy.

Can you assist with legal and tax concerns in insolvency?

Yes, our team is well-versed in the legal and tax aspects of insolvency, providing guidance to navigate these challenges effectively. Where additional specialist advice is required from legal professionals or tax specialists, we can assist you in getting the help you need.

What if my business has a significant level of debt?

We specialise in handling cases with large-scale debts, finding solutions that address creditor concerns while aiming for a sustainable outcome for the business.

Step by Step Process of Handling Complex Insolvency Cases

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  • Step 04
Initial Consultation

Begin with a detailed discussion about your specific insolvency situation to understand the challenges and requirements.

Strategy Development

Our team devises a bespoke plan considering the scale of debt, legalities, and the best interest of all parties involved.


Executing the strategy with precision, ensuring compliance with legal and tax regulations while working towards stabilising the financial situation.

Ongoing Support

Providing continuous support and advice throughout the insolvency process to adapt to any evolving circumstances.


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