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County Court Administration Order

Parker Andrews specialises in assisting individuals and businesses with County Court Administration Orders, a legal process designed to manage debts through court administration. We understand the challenges of financial obligations and offer professional, empathetic support to help navigate these complexities.

Understanding County Court Administration Orders

A County Court Administration Order is a legal procedure for individuals who have multiple debts totaling less than a specified limit and at least one judgement against them. It consolidates debts into one manageable monthly payment, administered by the court, which then distributes payments to creditors.

Benefits of a County Court Administration Order

Debt Consolidation: Combines multiple debts into a single, manageable payment.
Court Supervision: Ensures fair and transparent handling of debt repayments.
Protection from Creditors: Stops creditors from taking further action while the order is in place.
Debt Resolution: Aimed at fully resolving debts over a set period.

Step by Step Process of a County Court Administration Order

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Initial Consultation

Contact Parker Andrews for a confidential discussion about your debts and financial situation.

Assessment of Eligibility

We’ll assess if you qualify for an administration order, including reviewing your debts and any court judgments against you.

Application Preparation

Our team helps you prepare and file an application for an administration order with the county court.

Court Review and Approval

The court reviews your application, and if approved, sets a monthly payment amount based on your income and living expenses.

Monthly Payments

You make monthly payments to the court, which then distributes the funds to your creditors.

Completion of Payments

Once you’ve made all the payments, you’ll be free from the debts included in the administration order.


What debts can be included in an administration order?

Most types of unsecured debts can be included, but the total debt must not exceed the specified limit set by the court.

How will an administration order affect my credit rating?

It may impact your credit rating, as it indicates you needed court assistance to manage your debts.

Can I apply for an administration order if I have a high level of debt?

Administration orders are typically for smaller debt levels. If your debts exceed the set limit, other options like an Individual Voluntary Arrangement may be more appropriate.

If you’re considering a County Court Administration Order to manage your debts, contact Parker Andrews for expert guidance.

We’ll help you understand the process and support you every step of the way. Get in touch with us for a confidential consultation.

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